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Measuring for curved glass needs

When ordering curved glass please have the following dimensions available: circumference, height, and radius. We can also determine the radius and circumference if you send us a pattern (on posterboard) of the existing glass.

To make a pattern of the glass, place it on end and trace around the outside of the curve with a pen or pencil (being careful not to let the glass move while tracing). This will show the width and the radius.

If there isn't any glass remaining, you can use the frame to make a pattern. If the frame is easily removed, the frame can be stood on the posterboard and traced. After tracing, cut along the line and place the trimmed pattern in the frame where the glass would lie. You may have to trim the pattern a little because the outside of the frame is a larger radius than the inset where the glass rests.

If the frame cannot be removed, lay a piece of paper over the edge of the frame where the glass rests. Use your fingernail to trace an impression of the curve onto the paper. Darken the line, then cut out the pattern. It is wise to now transfer the curve onto thicker posterboard and to check the fit in the frame.

For convex portrait glass measure the back of the frame where the glass fits into the rabbet. Measure at the widest point and at the longest point. Also, tell us the shape of the glass needed. We can cut, or trim stock sizes down.

If you intend to fax a pattern to us, a straight line should be drawn on the fax (and measured and labeled) so we can confirm that the fax transmission did not alter the pattern.